Sponsorship Disclosure


I’m in a lucky position that this blog ranks very well on search engines for hot search queries, especially related to the Arduino ecosystem. As a result, this blog has huge number of daily visitors. Moreover, companies get also attracted and so I get regularly free vouchers offered, payment offers for placing SEO links or web shop links, requests for sponsored partnerships etc. And yes, some offers are very attractive – also financial-wise. I receive also some offers due to social other activities, e.g. my tutorial videos on Youtube. Since I put this activities more or less in second place, I do not have the same audience outreach there as this blog has. But still, some offers coming from there are also attractive.

For me, this blog is just a spare time activity. Moreover, I’m happy with my financial situation. Therefore, I typically decline such requests. Nevertheless, sometimes I get requests from companies whose products I have used before, and sometimes even for many years. If I had very positive experiences with their products, I usually think about building up a partnership. In general, I’m not interested in financial benefit but I enjoy the exchange on the newest trends and upcoming products.

While I was a student, I did work related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and affiliate marketing for a living. When I read blog articles or watch Youtube video, I often come across a lot of “only made for affiliate” content. Normally, I don’t mind as a lot of people do these things for a living (I, myself, did!), but I’m not a big fan, if such content is not clearly marked as what it is. Sometimes, I’m not so sure if viewers are aware that, e.g. a product of product review has not been tested at all and the review result has been “communicated” before.

Long story short, on this page, I want to set a good example and disclose my partners which have been sponsored me before.

My definition/demands for a sponsored partnership:

  • I have made good experiences with the company and can honestly recommend them
  • The conditions of the partnerships do not correspond to product placement (according to German Law)
    • No money has been transferred
    • Sponsored product value is less than 1000€
    • No (editorial) influence of content
  • The sponsored partnership does not interfere with other agreements, including employment contracts, e.g. the sponsor is not a competitor of my current employer (even though this is my private blog)

Normally, I get vouchers to buy products. The sponsored products may appear in my blog articles, social media image, and videos.

Sponsored partnerships

“Established in March 2015, Elegoo Inc. is a thriving technology company dedicated to open-source hardware research & development, production and marketing.”
Justification: “I have been using their products for a long time. In my opinion, the quality-price-ratio is very good. I like also the product portfolio. For example, me and my kids had a lot of fun with the Elegoo Car.”

Seeed Technology Co.,Ltd / “Seeed studio”
“Seeed is the IoT hardware enabler providing services that empower makers to realize their projects and products. By partnering with technology providers from hardware to the cloud, Seeed offers a wide array of hardware platforms and sensor modules ready to be integrated with existing IoT platforms”
Justification: “My first experience with Seeed studio was when I bought some RFID readers RDM630 from their website. Normally, their components are a bit pricier than other at the first look. But as you can see in my Seed Studio RDM630 vs RDM6300 video, the performance is excellent. In summary, I like the quality and performance of their product portfolio”.

More company descriptions are in preparation.